Dating divorcees children dating brampton

06-Aug-2017 05:48

The day they actually met and when Yeon Tae gave his phone back ayee.

& When Sang Min told Yeon Tae to write all her information on a paper and thats where 'Yeon doo' came up. Yeon Tae getting hit with a motorcycle and Sang Min saw it and was shocked so he came and gave her a coat ????? Times where Yeon Tae cried infront of Sang min Because of hear 7 year crush a.k.a TAE MIN ( his brother) 6.

Thank god for her husband,children,and grandmother. Thank you so much everyone for the experience this summer. Again thank you KBS for airing such a fun, entertaining, and charming family comedy show.

Hope the two leading actor and actress received best acting awards.

Mi-Jung (So Yu-Jin) works as an assistant manager at the same fashion company. ....50 episodes does seem like a lot and I myself tend to stay away from Kdramas with more than 25 episodes but this one deserves 50 episodes and more...

And the chemistry between the couples are no joke esp sangtae-mijeong and sangmin-yeontae. I love how each member learn to care for one another and be a real family.

Will definitely miss this drama Absolutely amazing drama! The writer tackled all sorts of issues a family faces.

Objection from elders, problems by the children and other general family problems is being shown in this drama. Before it's either the story getting boring or there's no chemistry between the couples. At first I just want to watch this because my sister recommend this drama because of sangmin-yoontae, but slowly I also get hooked with the story and the other cast.

I love the cool Sang Tae and the ever clumsy n pity Mi Jung. They manage to overcome all their problems in a correct way. The story is unusual and have a great development, and each couple have great chemistry especially sangtae-mijung and sangmin-yoontae.

I wish there's season 2 of this drama where they show the continue of each couple maybe 5 or 10 years later.

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